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1. Scobie, Grant M.
April 1989
Macroeconomic Adjustment and the Poor: Toward a Research Policy
The author provides a comprehensive view of how various groups of low income people may be affected by macroeconomic policy reforms. He outlines a strategy for research to gain empirical information, for use by policymakers, to enhance positive and avoid negative effects on the well-being of the poor, including their real incomes and nutritional status.
ISBN 1-56401-001-5
*Also available in French*
ISBN 1-56401-201-8

3. Pinstrup-Andersen, Per
February 1990
Macroeconomic Policy: Reforms, Poverty, and Nutrition: Analytical Methodologies
This monograph presents analytical methodologies for empirical analyses of the effects that macroeconomic policy reforms have on the poor.
ISBN 1-56401-003-1

4. Sahn, David E.
August 1990
Fiscal and Exchange Rate Reforms in Africa: Considering the Impact upon the Poor
This monograph examines exchange rates, food production, food prices, and real wages during a period of widespread macroeconomic policy reforms in the region. It also explores how these trends have affected the poor.
ISBN 1-56401-004-X

5. Sarris, Alexander H.
September 1990
A Macro-Micro Framework for Analysis of the Impact of Structural Adjustment on the Poor in sub-Saharan Africa
This monograph represents an effort to design a comprehensive empirical model that links the household with the macroeconomy for the purpose of investigating the impact that stabilization and adjustment policies have on the poor.
ISBN 1-56401-005-8

6. Pelletier, David L., and Louis A.S. Msukwa
October 1990
Intervention Planning in Response to Disasters: A Case Study of the Mealy Bug Disaster in Malawi
This monograph summarizes a series of reports emanating from a survey and the related follow-up activities that were a response to the mealy bug disaster in Malawi.
ISBN 1-56041-006-6

7. Sahn, David E., Jehan Arulpragasam, and Lemma Merid
December 1990
Policy Reform and Poverty in Malawi: A Survey of a Decade of Experience
This monograph provides insights into characteristics of household groups who are vulnerable to the negative effects of Malawi’s economic policy reforms.
ISBN 1-56401-007-4

8. Jabara, Cathy L.
December 1990
Economic Reform and Poverty and The Gambia: A Survey of Pre- and Post-ERP Experience
This monograph presents a detailed review and analysis of The Gambia’s Economic Recovery Program, which was initiated in response to an economic crisis. The crisis was manifested by a dramatic increase in the current account and budget deficits that contribute to economic stagnation.
ISBN 1-56401-008-2

9. Dorosh, Paul A., René E. Bernier, and Alexander H. Sarris
December 1990
Macroeconomic Adjustment and the Poor: The Case of Madagascar
In describing reform efforts and their implications for Madagascar, the authors focus on the role of the agricultural sector and discuss its importance in the macroeconomy and in generating income and consumption goods for the poor.
ISBN 1-56401-009-0
*Also available in French*
ISBN 1-56401-202-6

10. Alderman, Harold.
April 1991
Downturn and Economic Recovery in Ghana: Impacts on the Poor
The author examines the performance to date of adjustment in Ghana and explores the prospects that policy reform efforts have for contributing to poverty alleviation in the years ahead.
ISBN 1-56401-010-4

11. Jabara, Cathy L.
June 1991
Structural Adjustment and Stabilization in Niger: Macroeconomic Consequences and Social Adjustment
The author represents an extensive review of the literature and secondary sources dealing with the effects of stabilization and structural adjustment on macroeconomic performance and household-level welfare in Niger.
ISBN 1-56401-011-2

12. Pelletier, David L.
September 1991
Relationships Between Child Anthropometry and Mortality in Developing Countries: Implications for Policy, Programs, and Future Research
Ongoing research on a sample of preschool children from rural households in northern Malawi examines the strong association between mild-to-moderate malnutrition in preschool children and their risk of death; and the implications for government, community, and households.
ISBN 1-56401-012-0

13. Schnepf, Randall
December 1991
Understanding the Health and Nutritional Status of the Children of Rwanda
This monograph presents the author's findings from a study of Rwanda, the most densely populated country in Africa. Among other conclusions, the study shows that household income level and food acquisition behavior affect child nutritional status, and the impact of agricultural policies and programs may be greater when complemented by health infrastructure.
ISBN 1-56401-013-9

14. Sarris, Alexander H.
June 1992
Options for Public Intervention to Enhance Food Security in Ghana
The author examines the problem of chronic food insecurity, and the various options that the developing country governments have to address this concern. Options range from maintaining stocks of food to distribute to the poor during times of shortage to pursuing a strategy of general income growth. The study concludes that the latter is the most effective way to reduce food insecurity for the poor.
ISBN 1-56401-014-7

16. Tshishimbi, wa Bilenga, and Peter Glick
January 1993
Stabilization and Structural Adjustment in Zaire
The authors begin by assessing the effects of economic policies undertaken in Zaire prior to the structural adjustment programs of the 1980s and find that these policies resulted in major internal and external imbalances, making adjustment imperative. The authors then analyze reform programs since 1983, and contend that efforts to implement crucial policy changes were too weak and uneven for adjustment to have been achieved.
ISBN 1-56401-016-3

17. Dorosh, Paul A.
March 1993
Structural Adjustment, Growth and Poverty in Madagascar: A CGE Analysis
After a brief investment boom in the late 1970s Madagascar undertook stabilization and structural adjustment policies in the 1980s designed to restore macro-economic equilibrium and growth. This monograph explores the impacts on the poor of the investment boom and major adjustment policies, using a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model.
ISBN 1-56401-017-1

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